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Physical Science Activities

Exciting experiments which illustrate important scientific concepts and are exciting for both you and your students.

When an oblong, boat-shaped object--known as a celt, rattleback or wobblestone--is rotated about its vertical axis in a particular direction, it will stop rotating, begin oscillating, and then spin in the opposite direction. Here's how to construct your own mysterious celt from an ordinary spoon.
Motors are the fundamental driving force of the modern world. It is a very rare occasion when you do not see or use the action of a motor during your daily life. So how do they work? With this activity, you will build your own simple DC motor.
How much easier is it to lift a heavy object using a pulley system? Use this simple broomstick pulley system to effectively demonstrate why a block and tackle pulley system is so useful.
Use Lenz´s Law to "magically" spin an aluminum can without touching the can.
What is color? Why do we see different colors? In this demonstration, the concept of color will be demonstrated using a centrifuge device.
Why is a red apple red? Does a green filter change white light into green light? This demonstration uses a holographic diffraction grating and an overhead projector to produce a very large, very sharp rainbow of color.
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