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The Council of State Science Supervisors (CSSS) in conjunction with the safety professionals at Flinn Scientific Inc., updated the former CSSS safety documents into digital formats and modernized these three individual resources (2021) for use by educators across the USA.  There is an Elementary Science Safety Document; a High School Science Safety Document; and an Elementary/Middle School STEM & Tool Safety Document for free download.  These are recommended to be posted on your district’s science intranet site for ready access by all your Science Teachers and staff.    

CSSS is the only professional science organization whose members have direct accountability to the government agencies given the constitutional authority for education. Within their own jurisdictions, each of these supervisors plays a key role in directing efforts at improving school science and to ensure excellence and equity in science education.  CSSS can offer state and national organizations a direct science education link to every school building in their state or territory. These science supervisors can provide information on the types of science programs their schools are using and how well each of the programs are working in their state. Most of the members serve on the state science teacher’s organizational boards and are on a first name basis with their leaders. The Council members are proactive change agents in science for their state. Their responsibilities link the Council members by leadership and service to a broad constituency across science education nationally.

With the increasing emphasis on ‘hands-on / minds-on inquiry’ instruction at all grade levels in the multiple science education frameworks that exist across the various states as a baseline for scientific investigation and courses of study, it becomes more incumbent upon science teachers to be as knowledgeable as possible about laboratory safety issues and their own responsibilities and accountabilities.   As recognized science supervisors/specialists, the members of the CSSS are constantly receiving questions from teachers and administrators about safety issues, responsibilities, and liability. These resource documents, which address some of the most commonly asked questions, is in response to those frequent inquiries across the grade levels from K-12 in order to help facilitate a consistent platform for safety best-practices and regulatory compliance. 

The objective of these documents is to provide a handy, concise safety reference guidance resource for science and STEM teachers, primarily at the elementary/middle school (K-8) and secondary (9–12) level. Educators can refer to the grade and subject-specific documents for information and resources on some of the most commonly asked questions that concern science teachers and their students. 

Feel free to download and share this resource with each of your science & STEM educators that will benefit your on-going safety program in your school district:

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