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Redox, Electrochemistry and Solutions

Oxidation States
Fantastic Four Color Oscillator    Video    PDF
The Redox Rainbow   Video  PDF
Redox and the Goddess of Beauty   Video  PDF   
Colorful Iron Complexes   Video  PDF   

Activity Series of Metals
Reactions of Alkali Metals    Video   PDF
The Floating Tin Sponge    Video   PDF 
Foiled Again    Video   PDF
Redox on Filter Paper    Video   PDF
Can Ripper   Video   PDF

Copper, Silver, and Gold Redox Reactions
Silver Mirrors    Video   PDF 
Ruby Red Colloidal Gold    Video   PDF
Alchemy: A Cross-curricular Activity    Video   PDF
The World's Smallest Christmas Tree    Video   PDF

Voltaic Cells
Six-Way Galvanic Cell   Video   PDF 
Hot Dog Clock Video   PDF 
Redox Analogies Video   PDF 
Electrochemistry Buzzer Video   PDF 

Electrolysis Reactions
Tin Man Electrolysis    Video   PDF 
Electrolysis of Potassium Iodide  Video   PDF 
Petri Dish Electrolysis   Video   PDF 

Electrolysis of Water
Simple Electrolysis   Video   PDF 
Electrolysis of Water in Living Color    Video   PDF 

Saturated, Unsaturated, and Supersaturated Solutions
Saturated, Unsaturated and Supersaturated Solutions   Video   PDF 
Quick Freeze   Video   PDF 
Supersaturated Sodium Acetate Solution  Video   PDF 
Solubility of Gases  Video   PDF 

Properties of Solutions
Aloha Chemical Sunset   Video   PDF 
Freezing Point Depression   Video   PDF 
Salting Out Effect of Water and Methyl Alcohol   Video   PDF
Blowing out a Light Bulb  Video   PDF
Soda Pop Shower  Video   PDF

Concentrations of Solutions
Molarity versus Molality    Video   PDF    
Determination of Copper in Brass    Video   PDF
Blue + Blue Does Not Equal Blue    Video   PDF 
Effect of Concentration on Conductivity of Solutions   Video   PDF 
Cereal Dilution    Video   PDF 

Solubility Equilibria
Common Ion Effect    Video   PDF 
Dilution Effect on Solubility   Video   PDF 
Common Ion Effect Revisited   Video   PDF
Silver "One Pot" Demonstration  Video   PDF

Precipitation Reactions and Solubility Rules
Colorful Stalactites and Stalagmites   Video   PDF 
Solubility Patterns  Video   PDF 
Overhead Precipitation   Video   PDF
Keep Your Eyes on the Ions   Video   PDF

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