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Should a Flammables Cabinet Be Ventilated?


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The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) does not recommend the ventilation of flammables cabinets for the purpose of fire protection. It has never been proven that ventilation of flammables cabinets is necessary for the purpose of fire protection. It can also be argued that the ability of a flammables cabinet to protect its contents from a fire can be compromised by ventilation efforts. Ventilation of some storage cabinets for health or safety reasons may be required by other jurisdictions. Occasionally, health officials will require the ventilation of storage cabinets containing highly toxic substances or noxious fumes. Some local fire departments will require flammable storage cabinets be ventilated. Hence, many flammables cabinets are manufactured with vent openings even though venting could adversely effect the fire integrity of the cabinet. If your flammables cabinet must be ventilated, the following procedures must be followed.