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A Demo A Day™—A Year of Chemical Demonstrations

Authors: Borislaw Bilash II, George R. Gross and John K. Koob

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A Demo A Day™—A Year of Chemical Demonstrations is a great way to start your day because it will wake you up and keep you up. The selection of demonstrations is outstanding.

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Product Details

There’s no better way to start your day than by doing a chemical demonstration. A good chemical demonstration not only wakes up your students, but will keep them awake and alert for the entire class period. The problem is, where do you find a book that has a great selection of chemical demonstrations that are designed to be done on a daily basis? Look no further! A Demo A Day contains 174 chemical demonstrations designed by high school chemistry teachers to be done on a daily basis. Each demonstration write-up includes chemistry concepts and theory, preparation instructions, materials needed, safety tips and precautions, procedure, chemical disposal information and references where applicable.
Chemistry concepts include:
• Properties of Matter
• Periodicity
• Energy
• Solutions and Colloids
• Atomic Theory
• Acids/Bases
• Chemical Reactions
• Kinetics
• Stoichiometry
• Equilibrium
• Phases of Matter
• Redox
• Gas Laws
• Electrochemistry
• Atomic Structure
• Polymer Chemistry and Bonding

The selection of demonstrations is outstanding! Please give this book a try. You too will soon be doing “A Demo A Day!” 274 pages, 8½" × 11", spiral-bound.