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A Demo A Day™—A Year of Physics Demonstrations

By: Borislaw Bilash II and David Maiullo

Item #: AP7305

Price: $40.95

A Demo A Day—A Year of Physics Demonstrations book of demonstrations and experiments is an exciting collection of physics demonstrations that will engage you.

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Product Details

Engage students every day of the year with this exciting collection of physics demonstrations! With nearly 200 activities to choose from, you will always have the right demonstration at the right time to help your students understand key physics principles, concepts and applications. Most demonstrations are easy to set up and use readily available materials or common physics equipment. Helpful tips and teaching suggestions make this a must-have for any physics teacher! Each activity includes a writeup with brief theory and background information, key concepts, materials list, instruction for preparing materials, safety precautions, step-by-step procedure and references where applicable.

Physics topics covered include:
• Measurement
• Force and Motion
 Newton’s Laws of Motion
 Work, Energy and Power
 Circular and Rotational Motion
• Waves and Sound
 Electrical Forces and Fields
 Electric Potential and Capacitance
 DC Circuits
 Light and Optics
 Interference and Diffraction
 Atomic and Nuclear Physics

An outstanding book bursting with straightforward physics demonstrations! Fun and exciting activities to go with every lesson, every day of the year! 400 pages, 8½" × 11", spiral-bound.