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Acetic Acid, Gramolpak, 1.0 M

Item #: A0233

Price: $7.85

(as CH3CO2H)

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Hazard Alert

Corrosive to skin and tissue; moderate fire risk (flash point: 39 ºC); moderately toxic by ingestion and inhalation. LD50 3310 mg/kg. TLV 25 mg/m3.

This item can only be shipped to schools, museums and science centers

Product Details

Organic #1 inside a dedicated acid cabinet. Store away from nitric acid. If acid cabinet is not available store in Flinn Saf-Cube™. Acetic acid crystallizes at 16.6 ºC. Room temperature is normally about 25 ºC. So, a 10-degree reduction from room temperature will cause the material to crystallize. Return the substance to a warm environment and it will return to a liquid state. Such a freezing/defrosting process does not alter the nature of the substance.
Shelf Life:
Indefinite if stored properly. Cap safety color code: Brown.
Miscible with water, alcohol, glycerol and ether. Insoluble in carbon disulfide.
Pungent odor; like vinegar.
CAS No.:
Technical Note:
Gramolpak™ is a unique package which makes 1 liter with distilled water.