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Inquiry Labs for AP® Physics 2—15-Kit Bundle

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP8012

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Flinn Inquiry Labs for AP® Physics 2 15-Kit Bundle includes all 15 Flinn Inquiry Labs for AP® Physics 2.

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Product Details

Cost-saving, comprehensive bundle includes all 15 Flinn Advanced Inquiry Labs for AP® Physics 2—enough to fulfill the requirements for the entire AP Physics 2 curriculum. Save money by purchasing the kits as a bundle rather than individually—and save time with Flinn Advanced Inquiry Lab Kits!

Each lab is correlated to the Big Ideas and Enduring Understandings in the AP Physics 2 curriculum framework that students are required to learn. Completely aligned with new AP Physics 2 curriculum! Real sample data provided in teacher notes! Adaptable for use with or without technology. Includes the following Flinn kits: 
 AP7995 Archimedes’ Principle and Buoyancy
 AP7996 Fluid Dynamics
 AP7997 Boyle’s Law
 AP7999 Thermal Conductivity
 AP8000 Investigating Electric Charge
 AP8001 Electric Field Mapping
 AP8002 Capacitance and RC Circuits
 AP8003 Kirchoff’s Rules
 AP8004 A Magnetism Investigation
 AP8005 Electromagnetic Induction
 AP8006 Reflection and Mirrors
 AP8007 Refraction and Lenses
 AP8008 Diffraction
 AP8009 Modern Topics
• AP8010 The Photoelectric Effect