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Inquiry Labs for AP® Physics 2—15-Kit Bundle

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP8012 

Price: $1,329.19

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Flinn Inquiry Labs for AP® Physics 2 15-Kit Bundle includes all 15 Flinn Inquiry Labs for AP® Physics 2.

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Product Details

Cost-saving, comprehensive bundle includes all 15 Flinn Advanced Inquiry Labs for AP® Physics 2—enough to fulfill the requirements for the entire AP Physics 2 curriculum. Save money by purchasing the kits as a bundle rather than individually—and save time with Flinn Advanced Inquiry Lab Kits!

Each lab is correlated to the Big Ideas and Enduring Understandings in the AP Physics 2 curriculum framework that students are required to learn. Completely aligned with new AP Physics 2 curriculum! Real sample data provided in teacher notes! Adaptable for use with or without technology. Includes the following Flinn kits: 

  • AP7995 Archimedes’ Principle and Buoyancy
  • AP7996 Fluid Dynamics
  • AP7997 Boyle’s Law
  • AP7999 Thermal Conductivity
  • AP8000 Investigating Electric Charge
  • AP8001 Electric Field Mapping
  • AP8002 Capacitance and RC Circuits
  • AP8003 Kirchoff’s Rules
  • AP8004 A Magnetism Investigation
  • AP8005 Electromagnetic Induction
  • AP8006 Reflection and Mirrors
  • AP8007 Refraction and Lenses
  • AP8008 Diffraction
  • AP8009 Modern Topics
  • AP8010 The Photoelectric Effect