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Advanced Slide-Making - Student Laboratory Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: FB1762

Price: $128.00

Advanced Slide-Making and Microscopy Laboratory Kit for biology and life science contains everything you need to prepare and stain your own slide. Includes in-depth manual Adventures with a microscope.

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Product Details

Advanced slide-making kit contains everything students will need to prepare and stain their own slides! Kit includes: Glass microscope slides, Lens paper, Depression slides, Disposable pipets, Cover slips, Acetone, Microscope labels, Balsam, Magnifying glasses, Fast green stain, Specimen jars, Isopropyl alcohol, Razor blades, Methylene blue solution, Rulers, Xylene, Forceps, Comes complete with an in-depth microscope activity manual-Adventures With a Microscope-and enough materials for 30 students working in pairs.