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Allele's Crossing Over to the Other Side - Super Value Kit

By: Romena Holbert, Xenia High School, Xenia, OH

Item #: FB1792

Price: $47.95

Allele's Crossing Over to the Other Side Meiosis Activity Kit for biology and life science is a simple hands-on simulation kit that will enrich one's knowledge of meiosis terminology.

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Product Details

Teach meiosis terminology using this simple hands-on simulation kit. Students string alleles (pony beads) onto chromosomes (chenille wires) and mark the beads to create a unique gene sequence. Then, students crossover sections of the chromosome and complete the phases of meiosis. The student handout includes detailed information about meiosis with simple step-by-step instructions to facilitate true understanding of this complex biological process.Completely reusable kit with enough materials for 30 students working in pairs.