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An Introduction to Small-Scale Thermochemistry

Author: Walter Rohr, Retired, Eastchester H.S., Eastchester, NY

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An Introduction to Small Scale Thermodynamics Chemistry Lab Manual will allow you to perform thermodynamics labs faster and less expensively. Contains seven laboratory activities.

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Product Details

Perform thermodynamics labs faster and less expensively—and obtain better, more precise results! Seven laboratory activities in this manual are traditional thermodynamics experiments. When used with the small-scale calorimeters, the amount of material consumed and the time involved in lab is minimized. Each experiment is written for either introductory or advanced students. Experiments include:
• Determining the Calorimeter Constant
 Specific Heat of a Substance
 Heat of Solution
 Heat of Neutralization
 Enthalpy of Reaction
 Hess’s Law
 Job’s Method of Combining Volumes

High-quality, small-scale calorimeters (AP5928) are manufactured from dense, 2"-thick polystyrene lined with a specially formulated coating that permeates the pores of the foam. This maximizes heat efficiency and limits water absorption, which means that the calorimeter constant remains constant, and the mass of the calorimeter does not change throughout the experiment! These high efficiency, yet small-scale, calorimeters allow for quantitative thermodynamics experiments to be carried out with only 15 mL of reagent and ten minutes per trial, thus allowing several trials to be completed in a single class period.

Purchase of the lab manual includes a site license with reproduction rights. Two calorimeters are needed for each student group. 72 pages, 8½" × 11", spiral-bound.