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AP* Chemistry Net Ionic Equations Flash Cards

By: Maureen Elliot, Eaglecrest High School, Aurora, CO

Item #: AP6664

Price: $9.05

The Net Ionic Equations Flash Cards for AP* Chemistry help students develop skills and confidence to master section II of the AP Chemistry exam. These net ionic equation cards are a valuable tool for instructors and students alike.

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Product Details

Section II of the AP Chemistry exam requires students to predict the products of chemical reactions and write net ionic equations. Help your students develop the skills and confidence needed to master this section of the exam with this collection of 87 flash cards. Each card has a sample exam question on the front and the reactants and products, in the form of a net ionic equation, on the back. These net ionic equation cards will be a valuable tool for you and a great confidence booster for your students. 87 double-sided flash cards, 10.8 cm x 9.3 cm.


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