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Art in Chemistry; Chemistry in Art

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: AP5979

Price: $49.15

Art in Chemistry Lab Activity Manual is a book of over 60 hands-on activities and hands-on demonstrations that integrate two the unlikely subjects of chemistry and art.

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Product Details

Integrate two unlikely subjects-chemistry and art-with this book of over 60 hands-on activities and fascinating demonstrations. Students learn fundamental principles of both subjects through exploration of color and light; paint and pigments; clay, sculpture and organic chemistry; jewelry, metalworking and electroplating; photography; art conservation and forgery! Each of the 10 chapters acts as a stand-alone unit and contains extensive introductory background material, objectives for the lab or demonstration, materials, procedures, and questions. So much chemistry can be learned when it is associated with art-and the learning process will be meaningful, painless, and certainly fun! Suitable for both chemistry and art classes for grades 7-12. Appendix, index. 2nd edition, 2008,391 pages, 8½" x 11", soft cover.