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Arthropod Survey Set

Item #: FB1591

Price: $70.00

Preserved Arthropod Survey Set for biology and life science contains specimens from five classes of arthropods and can be used to study classification, taxonomy and arthropod phylum characteristics.

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Product Details

These representative specimens from five classes of arthropods can be used to teach classification and taxonomy as well as arthropod phylum characteristics. Each specimen is provided in its own labeled, screw-top jar. The holding fluid is safe and non-toxic.

Class Crustacea
• Goose neck barnacle
 Hermit crab (or dog tick)

Class Chilopoda

Class Diplopoda
• Millipede

Class Arachnida
• Garden spider
• Tarantula
• Horseshoe crab  
• Scorpion

Class Insecta
• Grasshopper
• Cockroach
• Dragonfly


Note: Availability of organisms often dictates the need to provide alternative representative organisms.