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Arthropod Survey Set

Item #: FB1591

Price: $70.00

Preserved Arthropod Survey Set for biology and life science contains specimens from five classes of arthopods and can be used to study classification, taxonomy, and arthropod phylum characteristics.

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Product Details

Outstanding specimens for teaching animal diversity and classification. Each preserved organism is supplied in its own individual, labeled, screw-cap jar. The specimens are preserved in a safe, non-toxic holding fluid. Includes: (Halichondria) sponge (Arbacia) sea urchin (Cucumaria sp.) sea cucumber (Chiton) Atlantic (Helix) edible snail Marine clam (Pecten) Scallop (Lepas or Balanus) Barnacle (Loligo) Squid (Uca sp.) Fiddler crab (Scolopendra sp.) Centipede (Spirobolus sp.) Millipede Dog tick or Horseshoe crab (Limulus) Scorpion Cockroach (Romalea) Lubber grasshopper (Harpalus) Ground beetle Butterfly Moth Shinners (Hippocampus) Sea horse Newt (Rona) Frog (Anolis) Chameleon (Passer domesticus) Sparrow Pig embryoNote: Specimens may be substituted based on availability.