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Artifact Ages - Radiometric Dating Simulation - Super Value Kit

By: Annis Hapkiewicz, Retired, Okemos High School, Okemos, MI

Item #: AP7198

Price: $28.30

Using the Artifact Ages Radiometric Dating Simulation Kit, students learn about radioactivity. Students calculate the age of artifacts by examining samples containing “parent” and “daughter” isotope represented by multi-colored bingo chips.

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Product Details

An archeological site in Flinnlandia was recently excavated and ancient artifacts were recovered! Now it's time for your students to become “real-world” scientists, determine the age of the artifacts, and see how long ago this civilization lived. Students learn about radioactivity, radioactive decay, and the half-life of isotopes, and apply these principles to carry out the radiometric dating simulation. Students calculate the ages of four different artifacts by examining samples containing “parent” and “daughter” isotopes, represented by different colored bingo chips. Enough reusable materials are provided to make 15 “artifact” samples. Possible items representing actual physical artifacts are also suggested, but not provided. Includes complete instructions and reproducible student handouts. Super Value Kit is complete for 15 student groups. All materials are reusable!