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Atoms, Molecules, Compounds are Everywhere - FlinnEverydayScience™

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP11801 

Price: $129.15

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With this FlinnEverydayScience™ lab, students build models of molecules and ionic compounds to understand how materials’ structures determine their properties. 

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Product Details

Students build models of molecules to learn why and how atoms bond with other atoms. They build molecular compounds observed in their environments like carbon dioxide, water, and isopropyl alcohol. They also build ionic compounds like sodium chloride. Students learn about the scale of atoms and molecules and how materials' structures influence their properties. In the challenge part of the lab, students exercise their experimental design skills by coming up with a procedure to determine which of two liquids' constituent particles are held together by stronger forces. All materials are reuseable so that students can build models, take them apart, and rebuild to better understand why single, double, and triple bonds form based on the bonding atoms. Includes access to pre-lab videos, editable lab instructions, downloadable student handouts, detailed background information, safety information, teacher notes with answers to all questions and sample data, and teaching and lab tips.


This kit includes enough materials for 24 students working in pairs. All materials, excepting isopropyl alcohol, are reuseable.

This kit includes:
Molecule model set
Cloth stem wire, 18-gauge, 18", 14
Styrofoam ball, green, 2" diameter, 84
Styrofoam ball, white, 1" diameter, 78
Isopropyl alcohol, 70%, 250 mL