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Item #: AP6529

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Sonic Flame Tube Demonstration Kit for physical science and physics will ignite interest in sound waves. This demonstration allows visualization of waves and resonance.

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Product Details

Easily produce perfect tones between 10 Hz and 10 kHz with this high-quality sound wave generator. Ideal for acoustic demonstrations that require precise sound frequencies such as the Doppler effect, or sound wave resonance. Or, use it in conjunction with tuning forks to determine exact pitch and illustrate beat frequencies. The electrical output is also ideal for powering the Electromechanical Driver (AP5789) to produce perfect sinusoidal vibrations that are great for displaying ripple patterns in Chladni plates, strings, or ripple tanks. Additional square wave output is provided to synchronize the sound output with an oscilloscope. Students can then view the signal pattern on the oscilloscope screen. Volume and frequency are easily set with separate control knobs. Frequency output is shown on a 4-digit display. Resolution: 0.1 Hz below 1000 Hz; 1 Hz above 1000 Hz.