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Practicing science is critical. In today’s environment with all the additional safety concerns looming, it may be hard to concentrate on basic lab safety. We’re making it easier for you to stay focused and reinforce good safety habits by sharing all the FREE resources we can to help keep everyone safer in the lab.

--------------------   FREE SAFETY CONTRACTS & EXAMS   --------------------

Start off the year with having both students and parents/guardians sign an official safety contract pledging to do their part to keep everyone safe in the lab. Follow up with FREE safety exams for you and your students. Contracts and exams are available for High School, Middle School, Elementary & STEM and are available in English and Spanish versions.

--------------------   FREE LAB SAFETY GUIDES   --------------------

Teaching Science in a COVID-19 environment isn’t easy. Top help, we’ve paired curated information from notable educational and health authorities with our tried-and-true safety guides. Read through the Safety Guidelines & Learning Solutions for helpful information or use the Safety Guidelines document as a training document for all your teachers returning to the classroom this year.

These helpful guides have all the practical advice you need to know about keeping a lab in top condition whether reopening it up after a prolonged absence or closing it down unexpectedly, or in a hurry.

--------------------   QUICK LINKS TO ADDITIONAL RESOURCES   --------------------

FREE Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

FREE Lab Safety Challenge

FREE Suggested Chemical Disposal Methods

FREE Safety Reference Articles

FREE Safety Demonstrations

Safety Supplies

Chemical Safety Storage Poster

Lab Safety Posters

--------------------   PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT   --------------------

When was the last time you had effective and helpful lab safety training? If the answer requires some thought or is “a long time ago,” you’ll want to watch our on-demand Flinn Professional Learning webinars on key safety topics. View Them All

Looking for a custom PD Safety Program for your district? From audits to classes & more, we can help! Contact us today.

--------------------   FREE LAB SAFETY COURSES   --------------------

Offering a safe lab environment through adherence to key safety protocols is as critical as it has ever been. Make sure you are properly following all appropriate regulations and guidelines by taking advantage of our FREE Lab Safety Courses.

Get certified in lab safety today!