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Bacillus subtilis bacterial culture for microbiology laboratory studies is spore-forming motile rods and a source for antibiotics bacitracin and subtilin.

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Product Details

Unless otherwise noted, cultures are shipped in 16 x 125 mm screw-cap culture tubes, tightly sealed to prevent contamination and dehydration. All cultures are guaranteed pure strains of the listed organism and are labeled with appropriate medium and incubation temperature. All are shipped as slant cultures. 

Upon receipt, cultures should be placed in a dark or dimly lit area or incubator at the appropriate temperature. Keep tubes sealed with caps or plugs to prevent cross-contamination and dehydration. Bacterial cultures should be sub-cultured to fresh medium every two to three weeks to maintain active growth. New cultures require 24 to 48 hours for full development of colonies and of pigmentation in pigmented strains. 

Although these cultures are considered to be non-pathogenic, we strongly urge you to practice good microbiological laboratory aseptic technique. Flinn Scientific, Inc., assumes no responsibility for any infections resulting from the use of these materials. We recommend sterilization of cultures prior to disposal. 

Allow 2 days for delivery of bacterial cultures. Large orders (10 or more) of the same type may require a few extra days.


Bacillus subtilis. Spore-forming motile rods. Source for antibiotics bacitracin and subtilin. 
Incubation temperature: 25–30 ºC.
Medium: Nutrient agar.
Gram reaction: Positive (+).