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Basic Polarized Light - Demonstration Kit

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: AP9307

Price: $48.85

Ultrasonic Grating Apparatus is a unique demonstration of the interaction of longitudinal sound waves and transverse light waves and also a method for the precise determination of the speed of sound in liquids.

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Product Details

What is polarized light, and what effect does polarized light have on the appearance of an object? Introduce your students to the principles of polarization using this fun kit. The activities may be used to demonstrate the transverse wave characteristic of light and to illustrate the properties of birefringence and interference colors. The effect of crystal structure on the properties of light is also observed. Kit includes two polarizing film squares, one piece of mica, one calcite crystal, three clear plastic eating utensils, one¼ wave retarder, and complete instructions. An overhead projector is needed.