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Beginning Entomology Kit for biology and life science contains everything you need to start collecting insects. Conveniently and economically packaged to save time and money.

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Product Details

Everything you need to start collecting insects—conveniently and economically packaged to save you time and money. This introductory kit includes a Peterson insect guide that discusses all the basic entomology techniques. Complete kit includes all materials needed to start right away: collecting jars, vials and preserving bottles; insect pinning forceps; student insect collecting net; insect preserving kit with all necessary chemicals; insect pinning board; insect pins; and field magnifying bug boxes. Welcome to the fascinating world of insects!


Materials Included in Kit: 
Ethyl acetate, reagent, 100 mL
Isopropyl alcohol, lab grade, 70%, 500 mL
Bottle, clear, 8 oz
Bottle, ointment jar style, 120 mL, 3
Collecting jar, 9 oz
Containers, Corning®, snap-seal, 1.5 oz, 10
Forceps, metal
Insect field guide
Insect net, student
Insect pins
Insect spreaing board, foam
Magnifying bug box, large
Magnifying bug box, small