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Biology Coloring Workbook

Author: I. Edward Alcamo, Ph.D.

Item #: FB1176

Price: $17.70

Biology and Life Science Coloring Book is a coloring book and a workbook. Color your way through topics and learn important biology concepts.

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Product Details

It's a coloring book and a workbook! Students will color their way through the topics to learn important biology concepts, create their own review guide, and quickly recall terms on exams. Book contains 150 clear and precise, computer-generated coloring plates which are labeled for easy identification and reference along with descriptive text and guided coloring suggestions. Plate topics conform to standard biology textbooks and are organized into the following sections: Introduction to Biology, The Cell, Genetics, DNA and Genes, Evolution, Origin of Life, Plants, Animals, Human Biology, Reproduction, and Ecology. Each plate stands alone, so there is tremendous flexibility in the sequence. 327 pages, 8½" x 11", soft cover.