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The adjustable Bunsen burner for use with natural gas features a heavy base to prevent tipping and adjustable gas and air inlets. In addition, a flame retainer is built into the burner.

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Product Details

Adjustable Flame: The Bunsen burner allows for easy adjustment of the flame height and intensity. This feature enables precise control of the heating process to suit different experimental requirements.

Natural Gas: The burner is designed to be used with natural gas as the fuel source. Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel commonly available in laboratory settings, offering consistent heat output.

Gas Control: The gas control valve allows users to regulate the gas flow, controlling the size and intensity of the flame.

Air Intake Adjustment: The air inlet that can be adjusted to control the air-to-gas ratio. By adjusting the air intake, users can influence the type of flame produced, such as a blue or yellow flame.

Stability: The burner is designed with a stable base or support to ensure it remains steady during use. This stability helps prevent accidents and ensures safe operation in the laboratory.

Durability: Bunsen burners are constructed from materials that can withstand high temperatures and repeated use, typically including metal components for heat resistance and durability.