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Butane burners can be used as both a Bunsen burner (on its side) or as a torch (upright). The burner has a fuel capacity of over one hour. The butane fuel is sold separately.

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Product Details

Butane Burner

This unique lab burner will produce temperatures well over 1350 ºC. Can be used as both a Bunsen burner (on its side) or as a torch (upright). The burner has a fuel capacity of over one hour and can be easily refilled with standard butane canister fuel. An ON/OFF safety switch allows the flame to be controlled for on and off use or can be set for a continuous flame. Note: Burner is sold empty. The butane fuel is sold separately.


Flinn Scientific’s Butane Burner (AP6523) is a reliable and efficient heat source for any science laboratory. Designed for portability and convenience, this burner is perfect for high school and college science labs, fieldwork, or any setting where a portable and consistent flame is required. With its high-temperature output and adjustable flame control, the butane burner is ideal for general heating, sterilization, and other laboratory applications.

The burner operates on butane fuel, which provides a clean-burning flame and minimizes contamination during experiments. It features a durable metal base that ensures stability on lab benches, reducing the risk of tipping. The attached fuel canister is easy to install and replace, offering a steady fuel supply for extended science lab sessions.

A convenient ignition system eliminates the need for matches or lighters, making it easy to ignite the burner with just the push of a button. The adjustable flame control allows you to fine-tune the flame size and intensity to meet the precise heating requirements of your experiment. This makes the butane burner versatile for various lab activities, including sterilizing equipment, heating samples, and conducting small-scale chemistry experiments.

Its compact design and lightweight construction make the burner portable and easy to store when not in use. The butane burner is not only practical for classroom labs but also an excellent choice for fieldwork or outdoor studies where a portable heat source is required.

Choose the Flinn Butane Burner (AP6523) for a reliable, efficient, and portable heating solution in your science lab. Visit Flinn Scientific’s online store today to order yours and browse our extensive collection of laboratory equipment and supplies.