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Use the C. elegans behavior kit, a robust experimental system based on a chemotaxis assay, to explore the genetics of learning using both wild-type and mutant worm strains.

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Product Details

With this kit, students are able to:

  • Get hands-on experience with a model eukaryotic organism
  • Observe and study the life cycle of C. elegans
  • Utilize their microscope skills
  • Learn how to subculture
  • Learn about genetics and its effect on behavior
  • Discover the connection between learning, the daf-18 gene, and the AIY and ASE neurons

Note: The wild-type and mutant worms are shipped on dry ice and must be kept on dry ice or at –70°C until ready to plate. Allow for preparation of NGM Lite agar plates (reagents ordered separately) prior to ordering the worms. Wild-type and mutant C. elegans worms (166-5122EDU) will be shipped overnight at a date specified by the customer.

Bio-Rad Item No.: 1665120EDU


Please note that, though some items may be shipped at ambient temperatures to reduce shipping costs, some items are to be stored refrigerated or frozen upon receipt to ensure longevity. 

Please store worms on dry ice or at –70°C (worms ship on dry ice). Store OP50 pBAD bacteria at –20°C.