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CAST Conference Session Handouts

If you missed any of the educational and fun Flinn Scientific Conference Sessions at CAST, you can download the handouts below.

Fantastic Physical Science Phenomena from Flinn Scientific

Engage your students with quick demonstrations that teach common physical science topics, including force and motion, waves, light and color, energy, pressure, and scientific inquiry. Great demos to stimulate student interest, arouse curiosity, increase observational skills, and reinforce the learning process in a fun and positive way! A dozen effective demonstrations will be performed. Handouts provided for all activities.


Dynamic Demonstrations from Flinn Scientific

Flinn Scientific presents a variety of easy to perform and exciting chemistry demonstrations. The demonstrations cover a variety of topics and show how they can be used at different levels. Engage your students with these stimulating demonstrations and help them learn more about the scientific process. Handouts provided for all demonstrations.


Maximizing Student Learning Through Hands-On Inquiry Based Labs

It is commonly known that students retain more knowledge when they explore and engage with the content. Through this session we will learn how to seamlessly implement hands-on inquiry-based labs in the science classroom using Flinn PAVO synchronous and asynchronous activities and labs. Learn tips and tricks to create an inquiry-based classroom with Flinn!


AP_Creating High-Quality AP Science Courses Using Digital and Hands-On Learning Tools

Flinn’s suite of AP-aligned digital content combines videos, animations, quizzes, simulations, and assessments to enable the deepest possible engagement with the Unit Guides and Big Ideas set forth by the College Board. Flinn AP inquiry labs are available digitally and include pre-lab, how-to, and summary videos that help students perform experiments independently and relate the procedures and concepts to exam questions. Flinn’s AP-aligned solutions give students the best possible edge. AP® trademark of College Board


Digital_and Hands-On Solutions that Meet Your Students' Needs and Current Science Standards

Research on science learning has demonstrated that students that interact with audiovisual materials and conduct pre-lab activities perform better during laboratory classes. Flinn’s suite of digital solutions allow students to engage with scientific practices before entering the lab. Pairing pre-lab activities with hands-on labs will help your students to develop a scientific mindset and strong laboratory skills.

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