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The unique challenges facing educators this fall are many, from how to teach as safely as possible in an onsite environment to how to deliver better remote or distance learning. We’ve curated some expert opinions to help you move forward, available on-demand.

Spotlight on Safety

Teaching Science in a COVID-19 environment isn’t easy. Top help, we’ve paired curated information from notable educational and health authorities with our tried-and-true safety guides. Read through the Safety Guidelines & Learning Solutions for helpful information or use the Safety Guidelines document as a training document for all your teachers returning to the classroom this year.

2020-2021 COVID 19 Science Classroom Safety Guidelines 

2020-2021 COVID-19 Science Classroom Safety Guidelines & Learning Solutions

These helpful guides have all the practical advice you need to know about keeping a lab in top condition whether reopening it up after a prolonged absence or closing it down unexpectedly, or in a hurry.



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