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           Explore Bonding Basics with Graphite Circuits—Lab Kit & Digital Content
Students learn about the amazing properties of graphite—a network covalent solid. A 360° video provides an inside view into the bonding basics of graphite and describes the reasoning behind its ability to conduct electricity. A quick pre-lab homework assign- ment serves as a refresher for other types of bonding (e.g., ionic, covalent, metallic). Then students head into the lab and create their very own graphite circuit with paper, a #2 pencil and an LED. Successful illumination of the LED completes the lab!
AP9962 | Lab Kit + Digital Content | $88.49
Explore Intermolecular Forces with Lava Lamps and Candy— Lab Kit & Digital Content
Teach traditional concepts with a little
art and creativity! Your students will be mesmerized with their very own miniature lava lamp. Students follow the procedure to put together the lava lamp. With addition of a seltzer tablet, the chemical reaction begins and students identify the intermo- lecular forces, products and reactants in the bottle. Then a sweet candy experiment rein- forces the concept of intermolecular forces between candy dyes and water. Two video resources are included.
AP9956 | Lab Kit + Digital Content | $80.00 EL6015 | Digital Content Only | $14.95
Exploring Stoichiometry with Solids, Solutions and Gases— Lab Kit & Digital Content
Use stoichiometry and gas laws to predict the volume of gas that will form with this fun and engaging kit! Students analyze reactions using stoichiometry, limiting/excess and
the ideal gas law to enjoy a new twist on stoichiometry!
AP9988 | Lab Kit + Digital Content | $50.55
Exploring Atomic and Electron Structure with Light—Activity- Stations Kit & Digital Content Your students will love this activity-stations lab kit with its bright lights and beautiful colors! A virtual reality spectrum tube activ- ity—done on the digital platform from home or in the classroom—allows students to view and analyze emission spectra. Then students witness the science of phosphorescence by testing different color (wavelength) LEDs against a phosphorescent surface. Finally, a wet lab portion involves making a glow stick solution by mixing two chemical solutions that produce light—chemiluminescence! AP9954 | Lab Kit + Digital Content | $89.63 EL6012 | Digital Content Only | $14.95
Introduction to Chemical Reactions—Lab Kit &
Digital Content
Students will enjoy reacting and observ- ing different chemical reactions in this kit. Synthesis, decomposition, single replace- ment, double replacement and combustion are all tested and identified by students
in the lab. In addition to identifying the reactions, students also practice balancing chemical equations.
AP9894 | Lab Kit + Digital Content | $59.45
EL6013 | Digital Content Only
| $14.95
      Exploring Kinetics with Galvanized Coatings—
Lab Kit & Digital Content
What does it mean to galvanize something? Galvanized iron is produced by coating iron with a very thin layer of metallic zinc, which protects the underlying iron metal from rust or corrosion. Environmental factors like acid rain or airborne contaminants can affect
this coating. In this lab, students test these effects by removing the galvanized coating with two different acids and comparing the kinetics between them. Complete for 30 students working in pairs.
AP9960 | Lab Kit + Digital Content | $64.55 EL6005 | Digital Content Only | $14.95
EL6011 | Digital Content Only
| $14.95
Available in the Spring!
EL6008 | Digital Content Only
| $14.95

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