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         Introduction to pH Scale and Indicators—Lab Kit &
Digital Content
With this lab activity, your students will become more familiar with the pH scale and acid–base indicators! Acids and bases are all around us—in the foods we eat and soaps and clears we use. In this lab, students first make a pH/color data table and then use it to create colorful pH-sensitive birds. Watch your students’ creativity take flight!
AP9969 | Lab Kit + Digital Content | $57.50
Light and Energy—Flame Test Lab
Liquid Crystals: The Fourth State of Matter—Lab Kit &
Digital Content
Combine two clear liquids and heat them, then watch as the mixture produces vivid color changes. From skin mapping to circuit board testing to mood rings, liquid crystals have amazing modern applications. Liquid crystals have properties hovering between solids and liquids—molecules move inde- pendently as in a liquid, but they tend to orient or align themselves like a crystal-
line solid. The alignment of the molecules changes with temperature to produce fasci- nating color changes. A simple introduction to nanotechnology! Complete for 8 groups of students working in groups of 3 or 4.
AP9870 | Lab Kit + Digital Content | $85.00 EL6004 | Digital Content Only | $14.95
EL6010 | Digital Content Only
| $14.95
Available in the Spring!
Kit & Digital Content
Enjoy the colorful flames in this exciting
light and energy kit! In addition to observ- ing beautiful colors, students will calculate energy using wavelength. Students will enjoy studying a real-life application of fireworks in the classroom!
AP9957 | Lab Kit + Digital Content | $50.45
EL6009 | Digital Content Only
| $14.95
Make Your Own Tiny Battery—
Manipulating Equilibria to Determine Sulfites in Grape Juice—Lab Kit & Digital Content Sulfites are commonly added to foods as a preservative; however, a small percentage of the population suffers from sulfite sensitivity. In this digitally enhanced lab, students will manipulate the various equilibria occurring within grape juice to determine the sulfite concentration. Complete for 30 students working in pairs.
AP9990 | Lab Kit + Digital Content | $36.25
Polymers and Conductivity—
Lab Kit & Digital Content
Lab Kit & Digital Content
Teach electrochemistry in a very unique way as students learn about Galvanic and elec- trolytic cells with this kit! From a few simple materials—soaked filter papers, metal strips and an LED—students build their very own tiny battery. When the battery components are arranged correctly, the red LED glows. An introductory video discusses the main principles of the activity, and a wrap-up video solidifies the concepts. Prepare the amaze your students!
AP9989 | Lab Kit + Digital Content | $52.75 EL6014 | Digital Content Only | $14.95
EL6003 | Digital Content Only
| $14.95
Polymers are an indispensable part of modern life. The word polymer is derived from two Greek words, polys (many) and meros (part). Polymers can be formed into fibers, drawn out into thin films or molded into a variety of solid objects. This lab lets students make their own polymer. By turning it into a sensor, the conductive properties of the polymer are investigated and tested by exposure to acidic or basic environments. Completed for 30 students working in pairs. AP9987 | Lab Kit + Digital Content | $50.86 EL6006 | Digital Content Only | $14.95

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