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MIDDLE SCHOOL LIFE SCIENCEFLINN STEM DESIGN CHALLENGE™ KITSFish Fitness—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™In the cutthroat world beneath the sea, it’s eat or be eaten! Fish need to be in the best shape possible in order to outrun preda-tors as well as catch up to prey. This Fish Fitness activity takes cross-fit to a whole new level by allowing your students to craft the ultimate underwater specimens. Using concepts like adaptations and survival of the fittest, students learn why body shape influences survival! FB2129  I  $29.20Broken Bones—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™Introduce your students to the fast-paced, growing field of biomedical engineering. In this activity, students observe X-rays of femoral fractures in order to determine what type of break has occurred. Using biomedical engi-neering tactics, students design and construct a medical device to repair the break and then perform “surgery” to repair a broken femur model with their device. This is an activity your students are sure to remember!FB2131  I  $74.15Beaks—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™Physical attributes of organisms change over time to ensure species survival. For example, what makes one beak better than another? In this activity, students use predetermined beak designs and put into action a custom beak design to discover which beaks perform better with a variety of food sources and environmental conditions. Students then analyze the data to create a custom beak that will survive through several generations. FB2130  I  $81.75Biomimicry—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™Flinn’s Biomimicry Kit explores how the form and function of many human products are modeled on the natural world. Students investigate an example of biomimicry— insulation that is based on how animals stay warm in a cold environment. Students then make their own observations, finding current examples or new biomimicry possibilities in nature, and transform the concepts from their observed natural phenomena into practical applications.FB2132  I  $56.30Digestion Connection—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™With Flinn’s STEM Design Challenge™ Digestion Connection, students discover how the stomach’s digestive capabilities work then challenge themselves to design a pill coating that can withstand the stomach’s harsh acidic environment—a pH so low it can dissolve iron nails! By applying relevant concerns, such as medicine degradation, students engage in a fun activity that inte-grates biological and engineering skills. FB2122  I  $40.751-800-452-1261     FLINNSCI.COMSee more  at

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