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Your Safer Source for Science 3ANIMALSIs It Alive?—Concept Attainment ActivityHelp students build a solid foundation for the further study of living organisms with this concept-attainment activity. Kit includes 20 cards with examples of both living organ-isms and nonliving material. Students gain concept attainment using the “Yes” and “No” header cards included with the kit. All activity cards are printed on colorful 8½" x 5½" card stock and laminated for durability. FB1759  I  $26.55Spontaneous Generation—Demonstration KitPrior to Louis Pasteur, it was believed that living microbes could arise from nonliving matter by spontaneous generation. Pasteur’s classic S-tube flasks proved key in dispelling this belief, and now your students can easily duplicate this classic experiment that exposes media-filled flasks with different openings and treatments to air containing microbes. Only in flasks where microbes come in direct contact with the media become contaminated. FB1437  I  $35.95FLINN SCIENTIFIC    I    MIDDLE SCHOOL LIFE SCIENCEInsect NetA practical, inexpensive and durable aerial net for beginning entomologists. The net bag is 12" in diameter and is made of strong polyester netting with muslin-rein-forced band around the top. The smooth maple handle is 18" long. Aluminum alloy ferrule construction holds the hoop securely to the handle yet is detachable. Long-wearing net bags are tightly woven muslin with tops bound in durable sailcloth.FB0019  I  $28.65Butterfly HabitatWitness the wonder of the butterfly life cycle in your classroom with this durable and reusable Butterfly Habitat. Lightweight and easy-to-hang. See-through mesh with a zippered entry allows for easy care and feeding. 24" tall.FB2092  I  $23.60Instant Protozoan MixJust add water and your mini-pond comes to life. The dry mixture contains diatoms, ciliates, dinoflagellates, euglenoids, rotifers and algae. Use a microscope to view the diverse array and the ever-changing ecosys-tem over several days, revealing diversity of locomotion and food-gathering adaptations. A great microscopic life introduction. FB1230  I  $14.25Hova-Bator™ IncubatorLarge capacity incubator is designed for a high hatch rate and healthy chicks. High-density insulating foam keeps the temperature stable while two clear top windows allow easy viewing. Thermostatically controlled heater permits a range of settings. Incubator fan holds a uniform temperature and allows various egg sizes to incubate together. Includes power cord, bottom liner and thermometer. Holds 50 large chicken eggs or up to 130 smaller eggs.FB2100  I  $135.40

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