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Cellular Respiration and Exercise - FlinnEverydayScience™

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP11802 

Price: $58.75

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With this FlinnEverdayScience™ lab, learn about aerobic cellular respiration through the color change of bromothymol blue, then explore how exercise can affect the rate of cellular respiration.  

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Product Details

After learning about the process of aerobic cellular respiration, students observe a color change of bromothymol blue as they breathe through a straw into the indicator. They then are challenged to determine how exercise can affect the rate of cellular respiration by timing how long the bromothymol blue changes color before and after exercising. Includes access to pre-lab videos, editable lab instructions, downloadable student handouts, detailed background information, safety information, teacher notes with answers to all questions and sample data, and teaching and lab tips.   


This kit includes enough materials for 24 students working in pairs.

This kit includes:
Ammonia Water, 50 mL
Bromothymol Blue Solution., 0.04 %, 25 mL
Straws, package of 50
Safety valves, 24

Additional Materials Required (for each lab group): timer, 3 beakers or cups, 25 mL graduated cylinder.