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Chemical Ion Flash Cards—Super Value Game

By: Robert K. Weiss, Port Huron High School, Port Huron, MI

Item #: AP4574 

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With the Chemical Ion Flash Cards for Science Class, students benefit from colorful, compact flash cards. The cards provide instructors with a means for teaching formulas, names and charges of common ions through memorization techniques.

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Product Details

Flash cards have been used as a stimulating learning tool for years. Let’s use flash cards in chemistry! Your students will benefit from these colorful and compact flash cards that provide an easy and effective means for learning formulas, names and charges of common ions through drilling and visual memorization techniques. Repetition of these cards will help students as they learn to write chemical formulas and reactions. Be creative with these cards—use them for drills, quizzes, reviews, games—you decide!

The front of each card has the name of a monatomic or polyatomic cation or anion, and the back of the card gives the ion formula. The flash card set includes an instruction sheet that contains ample background information on ions and formulas as well as nine tips and suggested activities to help you get started. Each set contains six brightly colored, student-size 1¾" × 4¼" sets and one larger teacher-size 4¼" × 11" set of 50 chemical ion flash cards. Individual student-size sets of 50 cards are also available separately.

Super Value Game is complete for six student groups. All materials are reusable.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Student flashcards, blue, set/50
Student flashcards, green, set/50
Student flashcards, orange, set/50
Student flashcards, purple, set/50
Student flashcards, red, set/50
Student flashcards, yellow, set/50
Teacher flashcards, green, set/50