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Chemical Reactions, Stoichiometry and the Mole

Synthesis Reactions
Classifying Chemical Reactions - Synthesis    Video    PDF
Fuel Cells in Eggshells   Video  PDF
The Chef   Video  PDF   
Reaction of Iodine and Aluminum   Video  PDF
"Underwater Fireworks" Reactions of Chlorine and Acetylene   Video  PDF

Decomposition Reactions
Catalytic Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide    Video   PDF
Simple Electrolysis    Video   PDF 
Elephant Toothpaste    Video   PDF
Production of Sodium Carbonate Lab    Video   PDF
Magic Genie    Video   PDF

Single Replacement Reactions
The Floating Tin Sponge    Video   PDF 
Foiled Again    Video   PDF
Smashing Thermite Reaction    Video   PDF
Safe Swimming with Sodium    Video   PDF

Double Replacement Reactions
Classifying Chemical Reactions - Double Replacement   Video   PDF 
Colorful Stalactites and Stalagmites   Video   PDF 
Overhead Precipitation  Video  PDF
Solubility Patterns  Video   PDF
Carbide Cannon  Video   PDF

Bob Becker's Favorite Combustion Reaction Demonstrations

Methane Mamba   Video   PDF 
Flame Tornado & Water Jug Race    Video   PDF 
An Egg-splosive Demonstration    Video   PDF 
Flaming Vapor Ramp    Video   PDF 
Wax Vapor Combustion in a Test Tube    Video   PDF 

Combustion Reactions
Ditto Rockets   Video  PDF
Gun Cotton  Video   PDF 
The Candle Snuffer Video   PDF 
Magnesium and Dry Ice    Video   PDF
The Hungry Dragon   Video   PDF 

Combustion of Alcohols
Extreme Whoosh Bottle Trio   Video   PDF
Plenty Powerful Ping Pong Popper   Video   PDF 
Big Time Ethyl Alcohol Explosion    Video   PDF 
Canned Heat  Video   PDF
Giant Alcohol Cannon    Video   PDF 

Reaction of Calcium Carbide - Combustion of Acetylene
Instant, Instant Coffee    Video   PDF 
Flammable Ice    Video   PDF 
Combustion of Acetylene   Video   PDF
Knock Your Socks Off  Video   PDF
Getting a Bang Out of Chemistry   Video   PDF

Introduction to the Mole Concept 
Pie Demo    Video   PDF    
Mole Lab    Video   PDF 
Moles in Space   Video   PDF
Bomb Bag   Video   PDF

Mole Relationships and the Balanced Equation 
Decomposition of Baking Soda   Video   PDF 
Target Mole Lab   Video   PDF 
Target Stoichiometry Lab  Video   PDF
Synthesis of Manganese(II) Chloride   Video   PDF

Limiting and Excess Reactants 
Micro Rocket Lab   Video   PDF
Bottles and Caps - An Analogy to Stoichiometry    Video   PDF 
Fuel Cell Football    Video   PDF

Stoichiometry in Combustion Reactions
Carbide Cannon   Video   PDF
Stoichiometry in Combustion of Acetylene    Video   PDF
Big Time Ethyl Alcohol Explosion    Video   PDF 
Ethanol Explosion   Video   PDF 

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