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Chemicals of Life—Super Value Laboratory Kit

By: David Brock, Roland Park Country School, Baltimore, MD

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In the Chemicals of Life Laboratory Kit for biochemistry, gain your initial experience in the chemistry of living matter by identifying the basic macromolecules of the cell.

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Product Details

Give students their initial experience in the chemistry of living matter by having them identify the basic macromolecules of the cell. This teacher-designed activity can be used as an introduction to biochemistry or any cell unit and will also serve as an excellent first experience to the proper protocols for performing chemical tests. Students will learn and perform standard tests for carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids.

Super Value Kit is complete for 5 classes of 30 students working in pairs. Perform this experiment in a fume hood or well-ventilated lab.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Biuret test solution, 200 mL
Deoxyribonucleic acid, 1 g
Diphenylamine solution, 200 mL
Gelatin, 5 g
Iodine solution, lugol, 100 mL
Mineral oil, 150 mL
Starch, soluble, potato, 5g
Sudan III solution, 100 mL
Avery labes, #5267
Bean, white (navy) seed, 1 lb
Microcentrifuge tube, 75
Pipet, Beral-type, thin stem, 75

Correlation to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Science & Engineering Practices

Analyzing and interpreting data

Disciplinary Core Ideas

MS-PS1.A: Structure and Properties of Matter
MS-PS1.B: Chemical Reactions
HS-PS1.A: Structure and Properties of Matter
HS-PS1.B: Chemical Reactions

Crosscutting Concepts


Performance Expectations

MS-PS1-2. Analyze and interpret data on the properties of substances before and after the substances interact to determine if a chemical reaction has occurred.