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Chromatography Centrifuge—Student Laboratory Kit

By: Jeff Bracken, Westerville North High School, Westerville, OH

Item #: AP5992

Price: $59.10

In the Chromatography Centrifuge Student Chemistry Laboratory Kit, perform chromatography separations using the chromatography centrifuge! Spot absorbent paper, and utilize the centrifuge. The disk separates the ink mixtures into brilliant patterns!

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Product Details

Perform chromatography separations using the chromatography centrifuge—it’s fast, easy and fun! Simply spot the water-soluble inks on the absorbent paper, place the paper on the motor, and turn it on. Within seconds, the spinning disk separates the various ink mixtures into brilliant patterns. Teach the concepts of chromatography, separation of mixtures and physical properties with this unique kit! Includes two Bracken’s Demonstration Spinners, 100 sheets of absorbent paper and 30 Beral-type pipets.

Complete for 30 students to perform at least three separations each. Water-soluble pens required and available separately. Additional spinners (Catalog No. AP6202) are also available.