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Clearing Water with Alum—Demonstration Kit

By: Dale Moss, Carrick High School, Pittsburgh, PA

Item #: AP6210

Price: $21.05

Clearing Water with Alum and Water Purification Demonstration Kit for environmental science is a highly visible, commercially tested procedure that will demonstrate the water purification process.

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Product Details

Ever wonder where your drinking water comes from and how it is purified? Demonstrate to your students the water purification process using this highly visible, commercially tested procedure. Dramatic demonstration shows rapid purification of water using an alum solution. When alum solution is introduced to a water sample, sand and dirt particles coagulate and fall to the bottom of the water sample. A great demonstration to introduce your water quality unit. Kit includes extensive tips and extensions, a detailed background section and enough materials to perform the demonstration seven times.

Concepts: Precipitation, water purification.
Time Required: 25 minutes
Materials Provided: Alum, ammonia, sand.