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In the Color Mixer Demonstration Apparatus for physical science and physics, prove that white light is indeed composed of all colors. Three unique screens allow you to mix colored lights in unique ways.

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Product Details

Red + blue + green = white? Prove to your students that white light is indeed composed of all colors with this durable and affordable color mixer! Three unique screens are included that allow you to mix the colored light in several different ways. Pair these screens with the ability to show one, two or three lights at once and you have a very versatile demonstration tool. You can even choose to shine the lights from the center of the unit! Create all the colors of the rainbow and then make them disappear into white light with this unforgettable color mixer. Constructed with heavy-duty steel and high-quality LED lights. Built-in digital screen shows the exact percentage of red, green or blue light currently displayed. Color mixer is 12" H × 10" W. Screens are 14" H × 11¾" W.