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Colorful Oxidation States of Manganese - Chemical Demonstration Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7499

Price: $36.75

In the Colorful Oxidation States of Manganese Oxidation-Reduction Chemical Demonstration Kit, colorful manganese-containing solutions are produced by the oxidation states of manganese. Students will observe and balance redox reactions.

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Product Details

Create a series of colorful solutions of manganese-containing ions and solids showing the various hues produced by the six oxidation states of manganese. Project the image of a 6-well plate filled with solutions of manganese(II) ions and manganese(VII) ions. By adding specific reactants to each well, the manganase oxidation state series of +2 through +7 is created, along with the corresponding color series of light pink (+2), rose (+3), dark brown (+4), blue (+5), green (+6), and purple (+7). Students make observations of the color changes and test their skill at balancing redox reactions. Includes Teacher Notes with helpful teaching tips, reproducible student worksheets, and enough materials to perform the demonstration seven times. Concepts: Oxidation–reduction, oxidation state, half-reactions, oxidizing and reducing agents. Time required: 15 minutes Materials Provided: Potassium permanganate, manganese sulfate solution, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfite, sulfuric acid, 6-well reaction plate, Beral-type pipets, toothpicks.