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Item #: AP5111

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With the Contour and Topographical Map Model Kit for Earth science and geology, make your own topographical map Using the plastic model reproduction of a steep sided volcano located in New Mexico-Mt. Capulin.

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Product Details

How do topographers make a flat map out of our not-so-flat or rather “bumpy” world? Students make their own topographical map using this plastic model reproduction of a steep-sided volcano located in New Mexico-Mt. Capulin. Students draw contour lines on the 3-D plastic model by progressively adding water to the box, centimeter by centimeter. Trace the irregular concentric circles on the plastic lid and- voila!-watch the contour model appear! Students proudly compare their map to the provided aerial photograph of Mt. Capulin. Kit includes: transparent molded plastic box containing volcano, transparent plastic lid, metric ruler, marking pencil, and student investigation sheets detailing the activities. This kit will serve one lab group of 3-4 students.