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Density Demonstration Bottles

By: Lee Marek, Retired, Naperville North H.S., Naperville, IL

Item #: AP6684

Price: $37.15

The Density Demonstration Bottles Kit is a great critical-thinking activity that introduces concepts of density and polarity. Students will be mesmerized as the layers in the bottles separate as the bottles turn, swirl and shake.

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Product Details

Students will be mesmerized by watching the layers in these bottles move and separate as they are turned upside-down, swirled and shaken. Begin your discussion on density by displaying one bottle in front of the class. Later in the week, switch the bottles when students are not present. The next day, see if students notice a change in the layers. Challenge students to offer suggestions for how this event may have occurred. A great critical-thinking demonstration that also introduces concepts, such as density and polarity. As a bonus, the bottles may be used again when covering hydrogen bonding and immiscibility. Demonstration instructions are provided. Both bottles may be reused for years.

Concepts: Density, polar/non-polar properties, immiscibility, hydrogen bonding.
Time Required: 10 minutes
Materials Provided: Two bottles, clear and colored oil, colored water.