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Discover the Possibilities! A Genetics Probability Activity - Super Value Kit

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: FB0485

Price: $36.05

With the Discover the Possibilities. A Genetics Probability Activity Kit for biology and life science, work at your own pace to discover the principles of Mendelian genetics. Visualize Mendel's laws.

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Product Details

An entire genetics unit in a single kit! Students work at their own pace through this guided-inquiry activity to discover the principles of Mendelian genetics. Introductory exercises help students become familiar with the basic vocabulary of genetics. The manipulative exercises allow students to visualize Mendel's laws of dominance and independent assortment. Students learn how probability plays a role in genetics as they simulate the process of gamete formation in a dihybrid cross using triangular-shaped dice. Additional genetics concepts, such as incomplete dominance and co-dominance, are also clarified using easy-to-follow examples.There are enough materials for 30 students working individually or in pairs.