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Diving Eggs Inertia Challenge - Newton's First Law Demonstration Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7419

Price: $18.15

In the Diving Eggs Inertia Challenge and Newton's First Law Demonstration Kit for physical science and physics, present a dramatic demonstration of Newton's law of inertia by dropping three eggs into beakers of water.

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Product Details

Students experience the effects of inertia every day—riding in a car, playing sports, even picking up their backpacks. Present a more dramatic demonstration of Newton’s law of inertia by safely and simultaneously dropping three eggs into beakers of water, without touching the eggs! Three weighted plastic eggs are balanced on tall plastic cylinders in an aluminum pan that rests on top of three beakers of water. A quick blow to the side of the pan sets the system in motion—but the heavier eggs with their greater inertia simply drop into the beakers of water. Performed either as an introduction to Newton’s First Law of Motion or as a “grand finale” at the end of a force and motion unit . . . applause is guaranteed!