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Economy Electrophoresis Apparatus

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: FB0327

Price: $191.10

The electrophoresis economy apparatus is a scaled-down electrophoresis apparatus similar to the MiniGel. The base is leak proof and nearly unbreakable and the transparent cover does not compromise on safety. This unit requires a power supply.

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Product Details

A scaled-down electrophoresis apparatus similar to the MiniGel (FB0314). The base of this unit is seamless injection-molded acrylic-leakproof and nearly unbreakable. The interlocking cover with integrated electrical leads does not compromise on safety and is completely transparent-allowing observation of gel runs in progress. Requires power supply such as FB0315 or FB0316. • Long-lasting, all-platinum electrodes. • 7 x 7 cm removable gel tray runs six samples simultaneously. • Rubber gaskets eliminate need for taping when pouring gels.