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Electric Field Mapping—Demonstration Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7282

Price: $115.50

In the Electric Field Mapping Demonstration for physical science and physics, demonstrate the abstract concept of electric fields. Map and draw electric field lines.

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Product Details

The concept of electric fields may seem abstract to many students. This demonstration is the perfect way to take this concept from a diagram and equations in a textbook to reality. Using a conductive pen, simply draw any type of charge configuration onto conductive paper. By measuring the voltage at different locations between the charges, you can determine lines of equal potential and then draw in or “map” the electric field lines as well. Amazing! Find the field between a dipole, charged plates or a quadrupole, or even measure the charge of an electric field during a thunderstorm!

Concepts: Electric fields, electric potential, equipotential lines, Coulomb’s
Helpful suggestions, conductive silver ink pen, ten sheets of conductive paper, aluminum push pins, and corks to create an insulating surface are all included. A power supply or 6 V battery, voltmeter, and connector cords are required but not included. For demonstration purposes, a projection voltmeter is recommended to project the measurements for the whole class to see.