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Standard-sized gel casting trays to make gel electrophoresis easier. This 7 x 14 cm tray allows for greater separation of bands than a 7 x 7 cm tray and allows you to make gels while other gels are running.

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Product Details

Simplify the workflow in your classroom by having extra gel casting trays on hand! Gels can set while other gels are running and students can more easily share equipment. This electrophoresis tray fits Flinn electrophoresis apparatus that accommodate at least a 14-cm long tray. This tray runs longer gels in a single apparatus or six-gel apparatus (three trays will fit) for great separation of bands. This product is for replacement or addition to your existing supply. Includes one molded plastic gel casting tray and end caps. Requires well combs and an electrophoresis apparatus with power supply.