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TLC plates from EMD Millipore® allow reliable, fast and economical analysis of a great range of substances in pharmaceutical, environmental, food and beverage, cosmetics and many more applications.

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Unique quality from the pioneer in thin layer chromatography (TLC), these chromatography plates are a simple, fast and highly versatile separation tool for qualitative and quantitative analyses. TLC can resolve virtually all classes of substances, including pesticides, steroids, alkaloids, lipids, nucleotides, glycosides, carbohydrates and fatty acids. EMD Millipore® TLC plates can be used in classic manual TLC, in automated instrumental high performance TLC and preparative liquid chromatography. The disposable glass-backed silica-adsorbent plates are treated with green fluorescent dye to ensure simplified sample preparation and direct visualization of colorless substances in the UV range (at 254 nm) or derivatization and allow simultaneous analysis of multiple samples under identical conditions with easy, two-dimensional separation. Measure 2.5 × 7.5 cm with a thickness of 250 μm. Particle size: 10–12 μm. Package of 100.


Silica adsorbent. Glass backing. Particle size: 10–12 μm.