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Energetic Light - Chemical Demonstration Kit

By: Tom Russo, Chemistry Teacher, Retired , Milburn, NJ

Item #: AP8978

Price: $24.75

The Energetic Light Demonstration Kit solves the problem of chemiluminescent experiments that quickly fade. Demonstrate converting chemical energy into light energy for nearly 10 minutes while hearing "oohs" and "aahs" from students.

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Product Details

Tired of chemiluminescent experiments that only last for a few seconds? Now you can demonstrate the conversion of chemical energy into light energy for nearly 10 minutes. Simply turn down the lights, combine two solutions and then listen to the oohs and aahs from your students. Our chemists at Flinn think this demonstration is unbelievable! Enough materials are provided to perform the demonstration seven times. Concepts: Chemilumescence, oxidation-reduction. Time Required: 10 minutes Chemicals Provided: An activator solution and a second solution with a mixture of chemiluminescent chemicals.