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Enzyme Catalysis Model - Super Value Laboratory Kit

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: FB1576

Price: $34.20

Enzyme Catalysis Model Biochemistry Laboratory Kit can be used to design and build your own working model of a functioning enzyme. A hands-on way to study very abstract concepts.

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This simple and fun simulation illustrates the point that natural resources are limited and the consequences of depleting them can be disastrous. This game-like simulation is designed to mimic the real Easter Island story-the catastrophic story of a small island off the coast of Chile. Survival Island has a finite area and resources. Once inhabited, the island population grows rapidly and decisions about resource use become critical for survival. Students end the simulation by considering resource use on Earth Island.Enough materials are supplied to set up three Survival Islands with a total of six tribes, a class of 30 students. A reading about the real Easter Island is included.