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Enzyme Optimization—pH and Temperature Guided-Inquiry Kit

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With the Enzyme Optimization, pH and Temperature Biochemistry Guided-Inquiry Kit, design and carry out an experiment to determine the optimum pH or temperature for an enzyme.

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Product Details

Lab isn’t always about getting the “right” answer; it’s also about learning to think. The purpose of this inquiry-based lab is to analyze background information, develop a hypothesis and design and carry out an experiment to determine the optimum pH or temperature for an enzyme. Kit includes four digestive enzymes—amylase, lipase, pepsin and trypsin—along with the appropriate buffers and testing solutions to test the progress or products of their respective digestion reactions. Students design individual experiments to find optimum conditions for a particular enzyme. Through cooperative class discussion, students compare results and draw general conclusions about the nature of enzymes and how they work. Prelab preparation built into the activity will help students plan their tests. Comprehensive teacher notes with sample data ensure that teachers will know what to expect so they can guide students as needed. This is a great activity to help students develop critical-thinking and logical-reasoning skills.

Complete for 24 students working in groups of 4.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Albumin, 4 g
Amylase, 4 g
Biuret test solution, 100 mL, 2
Buffer envelope, pH 2
Buffer envelope, pH 7
Buffer envelope, pH 9
Buffer envelope, pH 11
Iodine solution, I2/KI, 40 mL
Lipase, 4 g
Litmus-milk powder, 2 g
Pepsin, 4 g
Starch, soluble, potato, 1 g
Trypsin, 4 g
Pipet, Beral-type, graduated, 100