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Examining Evidence Using Fingerprint Analysis - Forensic Laboratory Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: FB1985

Price: $37.75

With the Examining Evidence Using Fingerprint Analysis Forensic Laboratory Kit, fingerprints are taken and compared to solve a mystery.

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Product Details

The answers to Friday’s exam are mysteriously missing from the teacher’s desk drawer. Fingerprints are taken from the “crime scene” to help identify anyone who may have opened the drawer. One set of prints belongs to the teacher but an additional set of fingerprints is also found. In order to eliminate possible suspects, each student in the class is fingerprinted. Students are given a copy of the suspect’s fingerprints to compare the prints of each member of the class to determine if a match exists. A great classroom activity to introduce students to forensic fingerprinting. Complete for 30 students working individually.